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ID Description Location Source
150001 MEDFORD/1st nursery in Medford established 4 miles south of town by N. A. Bennett of Eden Valley Nursery/ Date: 1892 Anniversaries
150002 ASHLAND/Orlando Coolidge established extensive nursery/ Date: 1868 Anniversaries
150003 First commercial orchard planted, 15,000 trees, apple, peach and prune, by Arthur J. Weeks/ Date: 1883 Anniversaries
150004 ROGUE VALLEY/George E. Briggs (Governor?) was 1st man to sell fruit in Rogue Valley/ Date: 1859/60 Anniversaries
150005 J.H. Stewart planted 200 acres of orchard - pioneer orchardist/ Date: 1885 Anniversaries
150006 First hay put up by David Linn, wild hay, 40 tons cut/ Date: 1852 Anniversaries
150007 Wagner Ditch established first known water right in Oregon/ Date: 1852 Anniversaries
150008 First wheat grown in Rogue Valley/ Date: 1853 Anniversaries
150009 UNION CREEK/CCC buildings built/ Date: 1930s Anniversaries
150010 ASHLAND/Original City Hall on the plaza completed/ Date: 1913 Anniversaries
150011 JACKSONVILLE/U.S. Hotel restoration completed/ Date: 1965 Anniversaries
150012 COLESTIN/Hotel built/ Date: 1881 Anniversaries
150013 GOLD HILL/Thomas Chavner house bui1 t/ Date: 1891 Anniversaries
150014 WIMER/Original Wimer Covered/ Date: 1892 Anniversaries
150015 ASHLAND/First Chautauqua building bui1 t/ Date: 1893 Anniversaries
150016 ASHLAND/Administration Building at Ashland Municipal Airport built/ Date: 1968 Anniversaries
150017 LOST CREEK/Covered Bridge built/ Date: 1919 Anniversaries
150018 PHOENIX/Samuel Colver home completed/ Date: 1855 Anniversaries
150019 ASHLAND/Lithia Springs Hotel built/ Date: 1925 Anniversaries
150020 ASHLAND/Angus Bowmer Theater built and opened,/ Date: Spring 1970 Anniversaries
150021 MEDFORD/Federal building constructed on 8th st./ Date: 1966 Anniversaries
150022 ROGUE RIVER/Birdseye House built/ Date: 1856 Anniversaries
150023 MEDFORD/Medford Hotel constructed/ Date: 1911 Anniversaries
150024 EAGLE POINT/Butte Creek Mill constructed/ Date: 1872 Anniversaries
150025 GOLD HILL/Rock Point Bridge bridge constructed 1923)/ Date: Current Anniversaries