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This index covers multiple resources available at the SOHS Library, but not everything!. Please visit us at 106 N. Central in Medford (Tuesday - Friday, noon to 4:00), or contact us ( or 541/858-1724). A few Rogue Valley Genealogy Society resources are covered, too.

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List of SOURCES            Link to SOU/SOHS photos

ID Description Location Source
16486.1 young woman milking a cow (MMT photo)/1965/Neg. 16486.1/ G33 D 4
84740 High School, circa 1926, later renamed McLoughlin Junior High; postcard, Vicki Bryden/1926/Neg. 84740/
84741 High School, circa 1930, later renamed McLoughlin Junior High, source: Vicki Bryden/1930/Neg. 84741/
84742 McLoughlin High School, circa 1945, source: Vicki Bryden/1945/Neg. 84742/
84743 Medford City Park Postcard, postmarked 1910. From the collection of Vicki Bryden/1910/Neg. 84743/
84744 Hunters Cochran and Ingrum displaying day's kills, postmarked 1913. From the collection of Vicki Bryden/1913/Neg. 84744/
84745 Photo, J.C. Boyle, dated July 31, 1962/1962/Neg. 84745/
84746 McLoughlin Junior High School, three views, 1926, 1930 and circa 1945, from post cards. Vicki Bryden Collection/1926/Neg. 84746/
84747 Letter, C.E. Gates Auto Company to Ford Owners, September 1924, accompanied Ford Price Booklet for Model T Fords./1924/Neg. 84747/
84747.1 Ford Price List, 1924, and envelope sent by C. E. Gates Ford to customers/1924/Neg. 84747.1/
84748 MMT Article 1912, Buffalo Park coming to Medford/1912/Neg. 84748/
84749 Train, Engine No 13 leaves Ashland 1924/1924/Neg. 84749/
84750 Southern Pacific SP Ashland Depot Hotel looking SW, color postcard//Neg. 84750/
84751 Southern Pacific SP offices in Ashland Depot Hotel//Neg. 84751/
84752 Outfit car at Siskiyou, Southern Pacific, Railroad//Neg. 84752/
84753 Ashland Plaza in Winter/c1920/Neg. 84753/
84755 Ashland Plaza - City Hall -/c1915/Neg. 84755/
84756 Ashland Plaza - This Week Billboard/c1940/Neg. 84756/
84757 Ashland Plaza, Multiple Stage Coaches/c1880/Neg. 84757/
84758 Ashland Plaza Project 2/c1941/Neg. 84758/
84759 Ashland Plaza - Perrines//Neg. 84759/
84760 Ashland Plaza - Main Street - Knox Building Renovated/1985/Neg. 84760/
84761 Ashland Plaza - Main Street - Old Knox Building/c1960/Neg. 84761/
84762 Ashland Plaza Festival Grounds Sept 25//Neg. 84762/
84763 Ashland Plaza Project//Neg. 84763/