Biographies of Southern Oregonians

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Occupation Spouse
Adams, Sebastian C., 1825-1898 Teacher, minister, historian Martha McBride 1851 (d. 1882) Martha F. Rhael 1884 (d. 1888) Sarah Baker Babcock 1890
Alenderfer, Oscar Odell Owner, partner, electrical stores. Ina
Allen, Albert C., Sr., 1875-1972 Orchardist - Hollywood Orchard & Modoc Orchards on Rogue River. Along with fruit exhibited okra, mammoth peppers and turnips. Rancher. Farmer. Horticulture Rural Commissioner. Lillian Keith - 1899; Bessie Courtney - 1926
Applegate, Ivan D., 1840-1918 Klamath Indian Agent. In charge of the Yanax renegades, Indians of the Piute, Modoc, Pitt, and Snake tribes; Captain in the Modoc Indian Wars. Sheep rancher. Margaret Hutchinson, 07/14/1871
Applegate, Jesse Legislator Surveyor, School Teacher, diplomat w/ Indians & British Hudson Bay Co, campaigner for Abraham Lincoln, member of Oregon's provisional government, blazer of the Applegate Trail, surveyor w/ OR - CA Railroad. Applegate, Cynthia Ann Parker (03/13/1831)
Applegate, Lindsay, 1808-1892 Farmer; operated a Toll House; Indian Agent 1846 explored the Applegate Trail as an alternate to the Oregon Trail Miller. Elizabeth Basham 02/13/1831 in Coles Co. Mo
Applegate, Oliver (1845-1938) Occupation: 1862 became teacher and conducted the Ashland school for four successive years. In 1867 he became assistant U.S Indian agent to his father at Fort Klamath, a year later. Ella Anderson
SOHS 85199 Athanas, Verne Author Spencer, Alice
Barneburg, Frederick Farmer, Gold Miner, operated a bakery, sold insurance Electra Norton 01/01/1860 (d 1904)
Barnum, William Seldon Rogue River Valley Railway Company owner and operator, 1899-1915 Bertha Susan Barnum
Beekman, Cornelius C. Banker, worked as a carpenter in San Francisco after his arrival in 1850. By 1853 he worked for "Cram, Rogers and Co" carrying gold dust, parcels and letters between J'ville, Yreka, & Crescent City. Began his own express company over the same route. Beca Hoffman. Julia Elizabeth (01/29/1861)
Beeson, John, 1803-1889 Baker, farmer, worked for rights for American Indians Ann Welborn (12/09/1828)
Beeson, Welborn, 1836-1893 Farmer Mary Catherine Brophy (08/06/1866)
Bennett, Eugene Artist, teacher, photographer
Bowmer, Angus L. Professor of English and then Theatre at Southern Oregon Normal school, renamed Southern Oregon State College. He retired in 1970. Director and founder of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, beginning in 1935. He retired as director in 1971. Duri Lois Muzzall Bowmer (divorced April 4, 1940) Gertrude Butler (married 12/30/1940)
Bowmer, Gertrude Taught French at Medford H,.S. 1940 - worked in Jackson County clerks office in Medford, secretary and assistant to Angus Bowmer until he retired in 1971 Angus Bowmer 12/20/1940 Glendale, CA
J. C. Boyle Boyle, J. C. 1910 - 1963 Professional Engineer with PP& L and its predecessors. Responsible for designing and building most of the electrical system that serves Northern CA and Southern OR on the Klamath, Roguue, and Umpqua rivers. Nina DeWitt Chase 05/0371914
Britt, Emil (1862-1950) Occupation: photographer, mayor, financier, horticulturalist None
Britt, Peter, 1819-1905 Photographer, artist, orchardist, vintner Amalia Grob - 08-11-1861 (d 09-28-1871)
Chavner, Thomas Miner rancher; cabin boy on riverboat; trapper with Kit Carson; Comanche interpreter; fighter in Mexican War; owner of several businesses; hunter; trapper on great plains Margaret Brennen, 1860. Died; 1880 Rose Reilly, 1882
Clark, Frank C. Architect Lena Bartlett Grace Wilson 1924
Collins, Robbie (Robertson E.), 1921-2003 Instrumental in Jacksonville's National Historic Landmark designation; vice chairman of National Trust for Historic Preservation; Southern Oregon Historical Society board; Historic Preservation League of Oregon board; past president of Oregon Shakespeare
Colvig, Pinto Entertainer Margaret Bourke Slavin, m. 1916 Peggy Allaire, m. 1952
Colvig, William L., Dr., 1814-1896
Colvig, William M., 1845-1936 Teacher, school superintendent, attorney Birdseye, Adelaide
Cordy, Cliff Worked 34 years in the Rogue Valley as Oregon State College Extension Service agent for horticulture starting in 1934. Prior to this he served two years as superintendent of the Sitka, Alaska, Experiment Station. In addition he was president of the Jacks Thomas, Mollie Vance. Married 08/28/1934 in Reno, NV.
Curry, Ann Reporter Brian Ross
Dean, Nathaniel C. Farmer Miner Veteran of Mexican War (teamster) Anna Huston (11/15/1852)
DeAutremont, Ray Lumberjack, jack-of-all-trades, unsuccessful train robber, convicted murderer, penitentiary inmate, philosopher, artist and senior center instructor. Hazel
DeAutremont, Roy A sometimes barber, lumberjack, jack-of-all-trades, unsuccessful train robber, convicted murder, penitentiary inmate
Dellenback, John (1918-2002) Attorney, State Politician, and National House of Rep. in Washington, D.C. Mary Jane Benedict
Deuel, F. K., b. 1864 Retail, banking, agriculture Nancy Elizabeth
Deuel, F. K., Jr., 1906-1999 Attorney Lippincot, Margaret on March 3, 1950
Deuel, Hob, b.1890 Banking, government Wing, Almee B. on Nov. 21, 1922 in Klamath Falls, OR
Dunn, Patrick J. County Commissioner - several terms 1855 - Oregon Legislator 1865 - J.C. Assessor 1872 - J.C. Clerk Mary Minerva Hill (02/23/1854) Born 05/22/1836 Sweetwater, TN Died 09/25/1933 Ashland, OR
Eaker, C. L. (Claude Leslie), 1903-1973 White City Lumber manager
Egan, Chandler Henry Golf course designer and golf professional McNally, Nina (divorced 1916) Scudder, Alice Barrett
Ellis, Ethelyn, 1894-1996 Teacher, neon sign maker Ralph Ellis (d. Aug. 1987), married Aug. 2, 1923
Ellis, Ralph, d.1987 Neon sign maker Ethelyn Jane Hawtheway, married Aug. 2, 1923 in Portland
Earl H. Fehl Fehl, Earl H., 1885-1962 Contractor; Newspaper publisher; County Judge; Carpenter Electra A. Stailey 05/12/1909 (d 04/23/1949)
Fountain, Grace Landscape Artist James Fountain
Frohnmayer, Otto, 1905-1997 Attorney, 62 years with Frohnmayer, Deatherage & Lowry (oldest law firm in So. Oregon) MarAbel Fisher Braden, 6/10/1936
Fujimoto, Takejiro Cook, Restaurant owner
Charles Edwin "Pop" Gates Gates, Pop Automobile Dealer, Mayor Leah A. Farmsley 12/28/1882
Gates, Pop (Charles Edwin) Automobile Dealership owner from 1912 - 1940: C.E.Gates Auto Co. Medford Mayor 1917 - 1923 Leah A. Farmsley 12/28/1882
Seely Hall Hall, Seely, 1893-1984 United Airlines executive Vera
Hanley, Alice E. Operated the Hanley Ranch never married
Hanley, Mary Love (1893-1986) Medford Laboratories, and curator of Jacksonville Museum. She retired 9/28/69.
Hanley, Michael A stockman and agriculturist, he invested in numerous enterprises Martha M. Burnett
Ercel H. Hedrick Hedrick, Ercel Teacher, school superintendent Helen E. Norcross 06/11/1923 in Medford, OR.
Helman, Abel Daugherty Farmer in Ohio until 1849 1850 - gold miner in California 1852 - built and ran a saw mill in Ashland, Or 1854 - built a grist mill 1855 - founded the post office & was the postmaster general for 27 years. 1855 - assigned to Fort Wagner for temporary duty Kanagy. (or Konagy) Martha J.
William Hoffman Hoffman, William, 1801-1885 814 - clerk in merchantile business, Western MD. 1821 - manager in large merchantile business, promoted to full partner, Cincinnatti, OH. 1840-53 - elected County Recorder, Fountain Co. IN. 1855 - elected Auditor, Jackson Co. OR. 1859 - elected County Cl Caroline B. Schaffer 09/22/1836, Boonborrough, MD [b.11/29/1813 Anne Arendal Co. MD. d. 09/09/1900 JV, OR]
Inada, Lawson Fusao University of New Hampshire 1962-1965; Professor of English at Southern Oregon University 1966-2006 Janet
Jackson, Glenn L. Chairman of the State Economic Commission (up to 1980) Chairman of State Transportation Commission 1959 - 1979 (Highway Commission) CEO of Pacific Power & Light Co. 1969 - 1972 Owner of nine newspapers within the Democrat-Herald Publishing Co. including Helen Simpson Jackson circa 1926
Kenney, Elizabeth T'Vault First postmistress of old Oregon Territory
Kubli, Kaspar, 1830-1897 Businessman Miner, mule packing co owner, hardware store owner, rancher, IOOF Grand Patriach Newcomb. Ella (or Elinore) Jane (12/27/1857)
Rose Maddox Maddox, Rose Singer Hale, 1942
Morthland, J.G. (1892-1971) Jackson County Commissioner serving 8 years.President of Civil Defense in 1950. Court No. 1 Bailiff
Myer, Nathaniel Myer was a surveyor for the RR in OH-1835 (Future Cleveland & Wellsville RR 1830's). He was elected to OH house of Rep. for one term in 1828 as Whig in Columbiana Co. OH. and served as Justice of the Peace in OH for many years. Maria Ridinger
Newbry, Lynn (1923-2012) Occupation: V.P. Public Affairs for Medco (1974-1987); State Senator (Republican) (1960-1974); Chairman of State Accident Fund; and Chairman of Valley of the Rogue Bank. Charlotte Lyndel
O'Neill, R. H.
Peil, Alice Taught at Southern Oregon Normal School, Ashland Principal of Klamath Falls Elementary School Emel Peil (1910)
Phipps, Dolph E. Orchardist Cellers. Mary Elizabeth (10/17/1917)
Phipps, Ira J., 1838-1913 Farmer Downing. Calista P. 04/21/1861
Robinson, Dorland, 1892-1917 Artist using oil, watercolor, charcoal, pastel and gouache, Specialty Portraits and landscapes. C.E. Pearson
Robinson, J. W., Dr. Doctor Dr. Ella Ford of Salem, m. October 1878, d. 1879; Matilda (Tillie) Miller, m. 1882
Rogers, Ginger Actress; owned large ranch on Rogue River named 4Rs
Ross, John England, 1818-1900 Soldier Elizabeth Hopwood
Rowe, Norman Frederic Music teacher, minister Rowe, Yvonne Eads
Ruhl, Robert Waldo Newspaper editor Mabel Works 1910
Russell, Ann Haseltine Hill Stonecutter of cemetery monuments James H Russell 05/09/1854
Sargent, Alice Author, military wife Col. Herbert Howland Sargent 08/11/1886 - 09/16/1921
August Singler Singler, August Sheriff Rose Probston 11/05/1898
Sisson, David Celeste
Lynn Sjolund Sjolund, Lynn E., b. 1928 Founder & Director, Rogue Valley Chorale, 1973 - 2013; Music Teacher - Lebanon & Medford, 1951 - 1987; Professor of Choral Music, Loyola University, (New Orleans) 1987 - 1990; First Presbyterian Elder & Choir Director in the 60's Doris E. Beck 07/17/1971
Skeeters, Charles Violin maker and musician. Skeeters, Julia Scranton
Snider, John Maude M. Snider
James Clark Tolman Tolman, James Clark, 1813-1902 1858 - 1866 - Jackson County Judge. 1874 - Republican candidate for Governor of Oregon. 1878 - Appointed US Surveyor General of Oregon by Pres. Hayes. 1882 - Reappointed by Pres. Arthur. Elizabeth E. Coe - 04/27/1852 in Oskaloosa, IA b. 07/24/1829 in Manchester, IL d. 07/15/1900 in Ashland, OR
TouVelle, Frank L., 1870-1955 Elizabeth Blosser
Towne, Marian B., 1880-1966 Asst. County Clerk 1st woman OR legislator Yeomanette in WW 1 Sect, for Wash. Comm & Health Calif. Bar Assoc. Women's Div. of San Francisco Public Welfare Dept.
Trudeau, John, 1927-2008 Professor of Music & Director of Orchestra at Portland State University. Conductor of Portland Pops. Founder, Musical Director & Conductor of Britt Music Festival. Betty
Walker, Enoch F. Builder, orchardist, prospector, Congressman Luhetta (died); Mrs. Prudence M. Rice m. 01/10/1866